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Our Mission

Silent Victims of Crime’s mission is to improve economic, education, and family stability of children of incarcerated parents by addressing their behavioral, social, and mental health issues.  These children carry the need to be dealt with in a positive process, one that ultimately empowers them to make wise choices for the rest of their lives.

Our program is intended to stop children from developing the criminal mindset that has been displayed in the child’s life. The children of incarcerated parents enter social service systems for reasons of poverty, learning deficits or misbehavior.  We now know that such a child is seven times more likely than his or her peers to be incarcerated as well.  Timely and impactful intervention with them is paramount to breaking the cycle.  The program creates opportunities for positive interaction between the child and the incarcerated parents, authority figures, role models, family and the community. 

Ultimately, empowering our children to make wise choices and contribute to society, and preparing our children to be “college bound.”


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