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Neal Pfeiffer, Treasurer

Mr. Neal Pfeiffer has been in his own business since 1973. In 1982, in order to help feed under-privileged people, he began to create formulas for the institutional foodservice market in the United States and abroad. The areas served are schools, correctional institutions, charitable feeding agencies, hospitals and armed services.


Excellence in quality control, outstanding customer service, and adapting to nutrition and health trends have made Neal Pfeiffer’s company prosper. Most products are created as fully nutritious meals (high in protein) using all natural flavors and no artificial preservatives.

Mr. Neal Pfeiffer has a varied background as an entrepreneur in turnkey food processing and plant construction. In 1982, he founded an Illinois based food manufacturing and distribution facility called Global Food Industries, Incorporated. As president of the company, he developed all facets of the business including building a sales organization that markets products on a domestic and international basis. In conjunction with two other entities, a consortium was formed which put into service over 20 international food processing and production facilities. This capability literally consists of planting the seed, harvesting, processing and packaging various food products for domestic as well as international distribution.


Mr. Pfeiffer has served on the Board of Directors of the Royal American Food Company and of the Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation. He is also a member of several trade organizations such as the Association of Correctional Food Service Affiliates. Most recently Neal and his wife, Paulette Pfeiffer started a non-profit organization that services children with incarcerated parents, Silent Victims of Crime, which operates in Anderson, South Carolina and Miami, Florida.

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