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National Association for Children of Incarcerated Parents


In 2007, Silent Victims of Crime founded the National Association for Children of Incarcerated Parents (NACIP) in collaboration with Eastern Kentucky University and the University of Arkansas LR.

NACIP was formed exclusively for the charitable, scientific, and educational purposes of preventing the cycle of intergenerational crime through a comprehensive framework of programs, research, training, and advocacy, designed to, effectively, address the needs of children of incarcerated parents

In 2008, NACIP joined as the 5th partner of The National Partnership for Juvenile Services (NPJS). The NPJS Partnership members include Council for Educators of At-Risk and Delinquent Youth (CEARDY), the Juvenile Justice Trainers Association (JJTA), the National Association for Juvenile Correctional Agencies (NAJCA), and the National Juvenile Detention Association.

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NACIP Newsletter: Volume 9 – Winter 2015

NACIP Newsletter: Volume 9 – Fall 2015

NACIP Newsletter: Volume 9 – Summer 2015
NACIP Newsletter: Volume 9 – Spring 2015
NACIP Newsletter: Volume 8 – Winter 2014
NACIP Newsletter: Volume 8 – Summer 2014
NACIP Newsletter: Volume 8 – March 2014
NACIP Newsletter: Volume 7-December 2013
NACIP Newsletter: Volume 6-June 2013
NACIP Newsletter: Volume 5- September 2012
NACIP Newsletter: Volume 3- May 2010

NACIP Newsletter: Volume 2- December 2009
NAAWS – The Grapevine, September 2009
NAAWS – The Grapevine, June 2009
NACIP Newsletter: Volume 1- December 2008
NAAWS – The Grapevine, October 2008

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