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There are many ways to become a volunteer for Silent Victims of Crime and begin to help this special group of children in your community. We have many programs that require the right kind of caring volunteers in order for us to service our children and give them hope for a better future. The first is our Bonding Prison Visitation. We are always looking for individuals who can help us coordinate all aspects of these important visits to our local, State, and Federal prisons. There is a lot to do, before, during, and after, each Bonding Prison Visitation. We need to staff-up for each visit, where we can have as many as 600 children participating. We need volunteers to coordinate the applications, organize events in the prison, acquire supplies, organize lunches, and develop programs and activities for each visit. We provide pick-up for the children and make sure all forms and applications for the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) are properly submitted and maintained. This is a task that requires dedication and discipline.

During Bonding Prison Visitation, we like to have 1 volunteer for every 3 children. This is to ensure that we know everything there is to know about each child and their up-coming visit with their parent(s) in order to facilitate a positive experience for that child. Generally, our visit may have as many as 600 children, some of whom may not have seen their parents for many years. This can be a stressful experience for a child, and we make sure that we create a visit that benefits each child in order that they may develop tools to deal with the many emotions that have resulted, because of their unique life trauma at such early ages.


Teen Leadership is a program that has been developed to encourage our children to become contributing members to society and not dependents on the system. We initiate volunteers to work with our children as mentors in their development as Teen Leaders. These volunteers can be children of inmates, educators or citizens who sympathize with our cause, and collaborate with us to teach the skills they need to become Teen Leaders.

Camp Counselors – Silent Victims of Crime operates its own camp in South Carolina. We need volunteers to mentor these children during the entire year so that they get the “points” they need to qualify for Teen Leadership.

On Going Programs – Throughout the year, SVC has a variety of educational and service based activities for our children. We need volunteers to help us coordinate and chaperon. Past event locations include The Perez Art Museum, Adrienne Arsht Center and Miami Marine Stadium. All of these experience are enriching the lives of our children, while providing, a solid base for their own lives.

To volunteer please call 305-482-3339.

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Send a Donation

Just sending a donation also helps our children and our programs in so many ways. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are an organization that gives 100% of every dollar we receive to help our children. We do not have a fancy office or facility, but we do have a professional staff of committed individuals that believe in the betterment of the lives of this special group of children. It is not their fault that they are a child of an inmate and, many times, our children pay the price of the mistakes of their parent(s). But they love and need their parents no matter what! These children have fallen through the cracks and, as a result, their chance of being incarcerated is 7 times more likely then children of non-incarcerated parents. We need to stop the generational history of incarceration for these families. This is the mission of Silent Victims of Crime. We feel we have made a lasting result with many of our children. Please give them a chance by donating or volunteering for our many programs. To donate please call 305-482-3339.

Make a Gift!

It is always wonderful when we receive a gift from individuals or corporations, which betters the lives of our children. We have received school clothing, back packs, and lunch boxes, and prom dresses and suits for our father/daughter dances that we host inside the prisons for these young ladies. We have been gifted movie tickets and passage to cultural events which are enjoyed, tremendously, by these children. Any gift given by an individual or corporation is always most appreciated by a group of children that have been forgotten and neglected for so long. To make a gift please call 305-482-3339.


Give a Helping Hand

Every day there is work to be done for these children. Maybe it is not a committed volunteer engagement. Non-the-less, SVC is always grateful to individuals, organizations, and companies that lend a helping hand when we are trying to develop a trip or a program for our children. Let us know if you can help in the short-run, to help develop enriching experiences for children who have been in environments that have traumatized them at very young ages.

These children are most appreciative of your kindness. To become a volunteer please call 305-482-3339.

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