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Deborah Scarpa, DJS

Executive Profile Deborah Scarpa is an accomplished and experienced marketing expert across all platforms. DJS3 LLC, the company has accumulated a roster of celebrated clients in fashion, fine jewelry and watches, real estate and other luxury products and services.   Her career has been celebrated with prestigious awards throughout the company’s 25-years of prominence in the media, hospitality, luxury goods and retail sectors. Ms. Scarpa’s new digital arm is developing an innovative, strategic approach, and software, in order for advertisers to determine their best-integrated approach for today’s pier-to-pier marketing strategies and all forms of social media tailored toward global e commerce.

Ms. Scarpa has developed a unique activist marketing approach, which is an integral part of marketing communication today…authenticity.   It is a communication and business development tool that is at the forefront of new marketing campaigns.  As corporations grow and become national and multinational, the sensitivity to their environments, current social issues and unique target audiences is the cultural imperative. Mixed with Ms. Scarp’s own metamorphosis and expertise in market trends, is how she came about assisting the founder of Silent Victims of Crime, Paulette Pheifer better known as Tinkerbelle.  “Being a socially conscious business person is part of being a good citizen and steward of your company.” Says Deborah Scarpa.  “We must all do our part in helping society when ever we can and SVC is such a great cause.”


Skill Highlights Ms. Scarpa has developed a variety of skills, but she is focused on leadership and
communication. She has spoken in front of dozens of marketing experts and is well versed at presenting and communicating complex social issues and tying those issues into a communications program.

Ms. Scarpa is a “news junky” and is well informed on most social, economic, political, and cultural issues of the day. Globalization is her favorite topic. This is why DJS Activism and Business S.O.S.™ are now her main focus. She is on the Silent Victims of Crime Steering Committee and provides pro bono services to this organization in hopes that more qualified individuals will help Tinkerbelle help these special children.

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