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Community Service

Our Teens Giving Back

Our teens, from our programs and our partner programs, get a chance to volunteer for a variety of projects and activities throughout the year. These special projects enable these children to feel that they are an important part of their community. We develop special projects for this purpose.

We work with The City of Miami Beach and, several times a year, organize a large group of our teens to participate in a beach clean up. This instills awareness of our environment and how important it is that we all do our part to keep our earth protected pollution. It creates a consciousness, when they are not in a group, to continue being good citizens and not throw papers and garbage just anywhere. It also is self rewarding, to look at a job well down as a part of a team who cares.

SVC has organized a park restoration as part of a community service activity. Parks are the vibrant gathering area for many communities. Here in South Florida, our teens participated in the restoration of a park in Miami. This included clean-up, repair, and the procurement of new, or used, equipment that was so graciously donated to SVC for this purpose. It was another rewarding effort organized and executed by our Teen Leaders.

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