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Child Focused Bonding Visits

Many children have not seen their parents in a long time

We are always looking for individuals who can help us coordinate all the aspects of these important visits to our local, State, and Federal Correctional Institutions. There is a lot to do before, during, and after each Child Focused Bonding Visits. We need to staff-up for each visit, where we can have as many as 600 children participating. We need volunteers to coordinate the applications, organize events, acquire necessary supplies, organize lunches, and develop programs and activities for each visit. We provide pick-up for all the children and make sure that all forms and applications for the BOP are properly submitted and maintained. This is a task that requires dedication and discipline.

During Child Focused Bonding Visits, we like to have one volunteer for every 3 children. This is to ensure that we know everything there is to know about each child and their upcoming visit with their parent(s) in order to facilitate a positive experience for that child. Generally, our visit has as many as 600 children, some of whom have not seen their parents for many years. This can be a stressful experience for the child and we make sure that we create a visit that benefits the child so that they may develop tools to deal with the many emotions that have resulted, due of their unique life trauma at such early ages.

Donations are between $100 – $100,000. Thank You !

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