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Bill Ghitis, Board Member

Currently the Non-Executive Chairman of Clinically Fit, a start-up company in the US, I also advise a limited number of small and medium sized companies in the Americas and Europe and coach their Presidents/Owners on how to grow the top and bottom lines. I add value in sharing my unique experiences, capabilities and insights acquired over a successful 36 year global career with Du Pont LYCRA® and Koch-Invista.

My purpose is to see people and businesses succeed. I have led large global organizations in highly competitive and changing markets, consistently growing business top and bottom lines. I have acquired considerable depth of management and P+L experience as well as an appreciation and understanding of diverse cultures and how they function. I have gained skills in brand building, delivering innovation to customers, marketing and sales while running specialty and niche businesses. While in charge of large commodity businesses, I learned how to successfully conduct important restructuring and reengineering programs while retaining the key skills necessary to continue running the business. Reengineering included divestitures and acquisitions, which allowed me to become an able negotiator.

A constant in my career has been building cohesive and diverse teams. No single person has all the skills required to run a large and complex business – I pride myself in having been able to gather individuals from different backgrounds/nationalities and unique skills and form them into talented, interdependent, business-minded teams. Quite a few of these people have now gone on to become Leaders in their own right.

Originally from Italy, I am fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. My university education was conducted in the US and the UK. My roles within Du Pont and Koch-Invista have shifted back and forth between Europe, the US, Latin America and Asia, especially China.

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