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Silent Victims of Crime

More than 5 million children in the U.S. have incarcerated parents. Children of incarcerated parents are 6 times more likely to end up in jail than children of free parents.

Silent Victims of Crime (SVC) addresses the needs of children whose parents are incarcerated. SVC endeavors to provide these children with a more solid foundation, hopefully breaking the vicious cycle of inter-generational crime and offering them a brighter future.

These children are routinely overlooked and displaced to potentially unsafe environments following the arrest of a parent or primary caregiver. The lack of intervention on behalf of these children can contribute towards future criminal behavior.

Parental incarceration is a traumatic childhood experience, which often creates economic adversity and family instability. There is a likelihood that this special population of children will have new unrelated adults in the home, which could lead to an increased risk of victimization. Research has found that separation from a parent attributable to incarceration increases the likelihood of criminal behavior and possible mental health problems in these children. The growing number of youths with an incarcerated parent represents one of the most significant collateral consequences of the record prison population in the U.S. – they are the innocent silent victims of crime.

SVC’s mission is to to assist children of inmates by enhancing their ability to improve their economic, educational and personal stability and addressing behavioral, social and mental issues. We help these at-risk children to deal with life challenges in a positive, proactive manner that empowers them to make wise choices and contribute positively to society.

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