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Silent Victims of Crime, is a National 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Corporation founded in 1996 by Paulette Pfeiffer.  Our Mission is to assist children of inmates by enhancing their ability to improve their economic, educational and personal stability and addressing behavioral, social and mental issues. We help these at-risk children to deal with life challenges in a positive, proactive manner that empowers them to make wise choices and contribute positively to society.

“SVC” uses a
Methodology we call The “5 Circles of Support”created by our founder in 1996, based on collaborations of families and community that follow a the common goal of achieving higher life standards.



  1. Youth Empowerment Programs
  2. Parent Programs
  3. Caregiver Support
  4. Community Collaboration
  5. Mentoring & Peer Support



Some of our programs include:

Prison Visitation to maintain a connection between the incarcerated parent and their child

We coordinate day-long visits to correctional facilities in Florida through a partnership with Children of Inmates.

Our South Carolina camps, started in 2002, The camp provides educational focus and a sense of social responsibility in partnership with the Call Me MISTER Program at Clemson University.

Together we bring together young adults to act as a team during monthly community service and learning excursions.  Leadership and entrepreneurial skills, are developed so they can ultimately become positive role models and leaders in their community.


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