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NAAWS Conference 2016

NAAWS Conference 2016

By Brittney Daniels

This year Silent Victims of Crime was invited to NAAWS (National Association of Wardens and
Superintendents) Annual Training Conference in
Tulsa, Oklahoma. Catherine Linaweaver, NAAWS Program Chair reached out to us to speak on the panel ‘A correctional leaders role in assisting the
silent victims of crime.’

We were joined by our collaborative partners at
Children of Inmates; Shellie Solomon and Samuel Ludington, as well as Justin Jones, Director, Tulsa County Juvenile Bureau, Commissioner – Retired,
Oklahoma Department of Corrections and long time friend to Silent Victims of Crime, Don Dease,
Secretary, Correctional Peace Officer’s Foundation.

All were invited to provide the audience with facts about children of incarcerated parents and how our programs have made strides in deferring the effects of intergenerational incarceration. In addition we heard for the first time, the stories of children who equally suffer as victims at the loss of a parent; the children of fallen officers.

This panel was educational for all and many wardens came up to us after the
discussion to ask how their prisons can implement programs in their correctional facilities from Ohio to Tulsa. There was even talk of a possible conference in Florida or South Carolina in 2018.

Stay tuned!

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