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Give Children of Prisoners Unconditional Love.

Give Children of Prisoners Unconditional Love.

Give Children of Prisoners Unconditional Love

Posted on   6/2/2015  5:02 PM from www.childrenofinmates.org

We give our children — unconditional love. They need to be loved completely, without limitations.

Just like many of their incarcerated parents and their caregivers, some of our children of prisoners are tough to work with. Unfortunately, they struggle with anti-social behavior and have mental health challenges.

But we have to overlook that. Too often, their families can’t give these children the love that they so desperately need. If they can’t find love at home, where else can they get it?

When our staff at Children of Inmates spends time with our children, taking them on Bonding Visits at corrections facilities, working with them at counseling groups, and taking them on leadership retreats, we treat them like they are our family.

We all should do the same. We should all be their advocates, supporters and protectors.

If these children fail in society, they will end up just like their incarcerated parents. Statistics prove that.

We have to remember: children of prisoners are innocent. They did nothing wrong. They aren’t the reason their parents are behind bars.

Do your best to love these children, even if they upset you, disappoint you or hurt you.

Give them unconditional love.

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